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Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2020

Looking ahead to economic development-Quafu Finance
Ceremony Highlight Video
In the past 12 years, Quamnet has received widespread attention from the business community through its outstanding corporate achievements. I am honored to witness the achievements of the award-winning companies over the years, and sincerely congratulate the award-winning companies this year.
2020 will be a special year for Hong Kong and the rest of the world. The business community is facing the challenges of rapid changes, and it also tests how companies can maintain normal operations. This year’s award-winning companies and the entire Hong Kong business community have shown immense wisdom. I firmly believe that everyone’s hard work and persistence in the past year and decades have seen Hong Kong as its “window to China” and “regional financial center”. Show your talents and give full play to regional advantages in dual opportunities. For Hong Kong to contribute more substantial results to the future of the Greater Bay Area and China.
I once again sincerely congratulate the winners of this year, and wish this awards ceremony a complete success.