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Quam IR Award 2018

Winner of the "Quam IR Award 2018"
I am very honored to be one of the members of the jury and the awarding guests. I would like to sincerely congratulate the winners of the "Quam IR Award 2018".
Hong Kong financiers have been committed to providing innovative and diverse services to support the city's economic stability and prosperity. In recognition of the contributions and efforts of financial institutions that have performed well and are profitable in the past year, Warren Excellence is proud to host the Investor Relations Award 2018. All winners who contribute to the social finance community, including banking, insurance, general insurance, investment, security, and trustee services.
The global economic environment is faltering. It is very difficult for enterprises to keep business and innovate. Under this circumstance, investor relations work can play its role. It not only highlights the investment value of enterprises, but also consolidates the confidence of investors and complements each other.
Outstanding investor relations are an important cornerstone for successful companies. Whether it is the transparency of company information, good communication with stakeholders, or high-performance corporate governance, it is indispensable. Fortunately, this year's award-winning companies are above. All aspects have been outstanding and become a model for other companies or listed companies.
Here, I wish all the winners will continue to shine and create new heights in the coming year.