This data protection notice provides information on how the HKSOE and its affiliated entities (together 'HKSOE') use personal data relating to their members and stakeholders (also referred to in this notice as 'you'), including:

  • HKSOE members, affiliates, students, potential students and technicians
  • Subscribers to HKSOE magazines
  • Individual contacts from employers of students and members
  • Registrants for continuing professional development training courses.


  • Administration of membership records
    HKSOE will hold personal data relating to members, affiliates and students in order to administer membership or student membership with HKSOE and comply with its regulatory obligations. Details may include name, contact details, membership ID numbers, nationality, dates of affiliation, membership or fellowship, and details of payments, queries and complaints.
  • HKSOE Connect
    Outside calls made to HKSOE may be recorded for training and record-keeping purposes. Recordings may be used to monitor the quality of the internal quality assurance and to verify the matters discussed.
  • Training and employment
    Training and examinations: Details of your training, attendance, tuition providers, examination and course results will be used to administer courses and exams and to monitor the pass rates and performance of tuition providers as well as HKSOE students. Please note that some examinations may be taken either written or electronically.
  • HKSOE Exchange: This is a service offered to large employers and tuition providers. It enables them to upload details of the HKSOE students whom they employ and/or are training, and monitor examination status and results. HKSOE requires such employers and tuition providers to obtain your consent before including your details on this service.HKSOE Experience: This is a facility enabling students to upload CVs and other details about themselves. Potential employers may view the uploaded information other than the students' names, and may notify HKSOE of any student whom they wish to contact. We will ask your permission before sending details to a potential employer using this tool.
  • Professional Conduct
    HKSOE holds records of enquiries, investigations and complaints relating to members and registered students (or prospective and former students). Such matters may be sensitive in nature and HKSOE restricts internal access to information to those teams responsible for investigating and resolving the relevant matters. However, please be aware that disciplinary hearings and outcomes may be made public.
  • Publications
    We will use your name, mailing and/or email address and payment details in order to manage subscriptions to HKSOE's publications, including Student Accountant, finance matters, teach accounting, accounting link and accounting & business magazines. Please contact HKSOE if you wish to change the format in which you receive such publications, eg electronically or in hard copy (see How to access or update your details below).


We will collect data directly from you (for example from registration forms, change of details forms, at fairs and events and via our website) and will create some data internally (eg when we assign you a member ID or determine examination results).

We may also collect some data from external sources. For example:

  • Employers and tuition providers may provide HKSOE with relevant information on members and students employed by and/or training with them;
  • HKSOE's service providers (eg examiners and invigilators) will send HKSOE information relevant to the service they are providing. 
  • Members of the public may provide information to HKSOE in relation to complaints and/or investigations.