Council of Management


China Committee

  • Mr. Sam Kwok Tak Sum (Chairman)


Economic Research & Reports Committee

  • Mr. Sam Kwok Tak Sum (Chairman)


Events Committee-Hong Kong & Mainland

  • Mr. Thomas KWOK Ho Wang (Chairman)


The main purpose of the committee is to organize events like gathering dinners, conferences and workshops. We are also in charge of the promotion and recruitment. Most of our events are meetings with dinner, in which our members exchange ideas through presentations and discussions on the latest information in the economic field. We hold events about once a month, some of which may be held in the mainland as we have a number of members in the mainland. 80% of our events are held in HK while 20% are in the mainland. The events provide a platform for members to come together and share opinions about the current market in different industries. The Events Committee serves as a strong bond that connects the members. Everyone with an open mind and creative ideas who wants to be part of the committee is welcome to this family.



One Belt One Road and Greater Bay Area Committee

  • Mr. Sam Kwok Tak Sum (Chairman)


Education Committee

  • Mr. Patrick YUEN King Sum (Chairman)


Sports Committee

  • Ms. Anna Yu (Chairman)