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Bloomerg Businessweek/HK Edition Top Fund Awards2019 - Award Presentation


The Leading Funds Awards 2019, hosted by Bloomberg BusinessWeek / Chinese Edition, has been successfully concluded. The event attracted more than 100 guests, including a number of outstanding fund company management, business leaders, academia leaders, etc., gathered in the crown, the scene was grand.
The event was honored to have Ms. Luo Shengmei, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA), as the guest of honor and a speech. Key figures from the Institute, the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presided over the opening ceremony.
Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) Deputy Chairman and Administrative Director Ms. Luo Shengmei delivered an opening speech for the event. She said that in recent years the bureau is studying the establishment of a “eMPF” central electronic platform to standardize the administrative procedures of MPF schemes. , Simplification and automation to further reduce costs, allowing members to manage related assets through a one-stop platform. The Administrator expects to complete all technology-related work by 2022 and launch it to the public.
Several government and business representatives also shared their expectations on the Hong Kong fund market.
Mr. Huang Hengde, the head of the financial industry of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said in an exclusive interview with this magazine: "Hong Kong has a very solid legal foundation, a very competitive low tax system, and most importantly an open business environment. These are all It is Hong Kong's advantage as an Asian asset management center. "In addition, Hong Kong's unique geographical location and strong government support are also unique features of Hong Kong.
Ms. Carrie Leung, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers said, "The Leading Fund Awards organized by Bloomberg Businessweek / Chinese Edition are very meaningful to the industry. The participating funds can borrow from each other and play a positive role in product innovation. "
According to the latest data from the MPFA, as of September 2019, Hong Kong's MPF assets have reached HK $ 905 billion. As of October 2019, the transaction value of unit trust funds (including exchange-traded funds) reached 107.05 billion Hong Kong dollars, further consolidating Hong Kong's position as an international asset management center.
This year is the sixth year that Bloomberg Business Weekly / Chinese Edition has held the Leading Fund Award. Using the Bloomberg data analysis system, the "Leading Fund Awards" conducts in-depth analysis and calculation of the past performance of each fund, further compares the performance of similar products, and finally makes an objective score. According to the system calculation method, the "mutual fund" score is based on the performance and asset type of the past year as the basis for evaluation, and the "exchange-traded fund" analysis calculation is based on the tracking error performance and asset value return of the past year. The "MPF" analyzes and scores based on one-, five-, and ten-year returns.