APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP – Fellow / Member / Associates / Student

Part 1: Personal Particulars

* Title : Mr.   Mrs.   Ms   Dr.   Prof.   Others:  
* First name :   * Last name :
* Full name :   Name in Chinese
(if applicable)
* Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) :   * Nationality :
* Username :
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HKID Card No (if applicable) :   Type of Member :
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Correspondence Address : Please give detailed address if other than home or office
* Telephone No. :
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Fax No. :

Part 2: Profession or Occupation

(Principal profession or occupation in which you are engaged and present position or appointment)
Profession Present Position (or appointment)

Part 3: Qualifications on Economist (academic and professional)

Name of University/Institutions etc Details of Qualification Date Obtained (DD/MM/YY)

Part 4: Other Qualifications

Academic Qualifications
Degree/Diploma Name of University/College Date Obtained
Professional Qualifications
Professional Body Grade of Membership Division Date of Election

Part 5: Economist Experience

(Please give details of your experience during the last 5 years in the field of Economist and ANY finance relevant information e.g. as banker, as Certified Public Accountant, as Financial Professional experience. In the case of Economist in Academy, please indicate the number of awards published by you in the last 5 years. Use additional sheet of paper if necessary.)

Part 6: Nomination

We, the undersigned, from personal knowledge or careful enquiry, recommend that the applicant is in every respect worthy of admission as a Fellow / Member / Associate / Student* of the Hong Kong Society of Economists and propose him/her to the Council as a proper person to be admitted into the Institute.

Signature of two proposers (at least one should be a member [any grade] of the Hong Kong Society of Economists while the other should be a member of any professional institution). Please complete all the details.
Name in full Name of Organization
(or office address)
Job Title
or Position
Tel. No. Grade of Membership and Institute
Dr. Albert W. K. Wong Hong Kong Society of Economists Limited President 2866 7451 Founder Life Member
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Application Procedures

1.      Application

Application can be done in person or by mail to HKECON by completing the Application Form together with the application fee and relevant supporting documents.

2.      Application Form

Application Form may be:

  • downloaded from the HKSOE website; PDF format, DOC format or
  • obtained in person at the HKSOE office

3.      Check list for application

Applications will only be accepted if the following requirements are met:

  • Application Form signed and dated;
  • Application fee enclosed;
  • Your photos;
  • Supporting documentation for education and work experience qualifications enclosed;

4.      Submission

  • Application fee must be submitted with the form together with a crossed cheque made payable to “Hong Kong Society of Economists Limited” at:

Room 1506-1508, 15th Floor, Asia Orient Tower,
33 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

  • Upon receipt of the Application Form, an acknowledgement letter will be issued to the applicant.

5.      Notification of Application Result

Results of Applications will be sent to the applicants within ONE MONTH upon receipt of application.

6.      Unsuccessful Application

  • For unsuccessful applications, the administration fee will not be returned;
  • Any other paid fees will be refunded to the applicant for unsuccessful applications.